Green Carpet Cleaning is in High Demand

Here’s an article about a Green Cleaning Company in Southwest Wisconsin.¬† At Orbit Cleaning Service, we too concentrate on cleaning for health and cleaning as green as possible.¬† It’s the only thing that’s right for you, us, and our environment.

Mike and Kristine Klinter recently announced the grand opening of their new business: Green Clean Carpet Cleaning LLC. Green Clean specializes in cleaning of residential carpet and upholstery.

Green Clean Carpet Cleaning is a unique carpet and upholstery cleaning company. From the vehicle they drive, the latest in technology that they use, and the professional service they deliver, Green Clean is always concerned about the health of people, pets and the environment. There are few carpet and upholstery cleaning companies in the state of Wisconsin that truly follow “green” methods, and Green Clean Carpet Cleaning is one of those few.

Because of concern for the environment, Green Clean uses the latest methods in technology and engineering. Its patented system of cleaning eliminates the need for using harsh chemicals by agitating the soil loose from the carpet fibers as opposed to relying on chemical reaction to loosen the soil as most other cleaners do. This method of cleaning is approved by carpet manufactures, and is so effective at removing the soil and moisture that the carpets are almost completely dry by the time technicians leave the home.

Green Clean uses U.S. Environmental Protection Agency-Design for the Environment cleaning solutions and protections because they have been proven to be safe. These products have gone through extensive testing by the EPA and are certified as Designed for the Environment. Find out more about the EPA-DfE program by going to the EPA’s website at

Green Clean warns consumers to beware of “green” claims made by many companies. Currently there are no regulations or standards on what constitutes a “green” product or service, and some try to exploit this.

Mike Klinter, the owner/operator for Green Clean, has more than 20 years experience in customer service, and is internationally certified in carpet and upholstery care by the Institute of Inspection Cleaning Restoration Certification. He has been full-time in the carpet and upholstery industry since early 2008 and has spent hundreds of hours researching the latest in “green” cleaning.